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It is said that visitors to Ireland will never be able to forget it, and this is probably one of those cases where a rumor is true.

The Irish landscape has in fact a mythical atmosphere, due as much to the history of the country, almost palpable, as to its reputation as a place inhabited by fairies and elves.

The weather is not always forgiving, but this defect is compensated by the fifty shades of green of the vegetation; it is not for nothing that Ireland is nicknamed the Emerald Isle.

Although the so-called 'Troubles' are far from over in Northern Ireland, the recent referendum has clearly indicated a desire for peace and perhaps the solution of the problems is not far off.

Meanwhile, the Eire has shaken off its label of a picturesque country where time seems to have stood still to become the EU's 'favorite child' and a favorite destination for high-tech companies.

Even if it is not quite the paradise painted by nostalgic emigrants, Ireland is still the land of one of the most affable and sociable people in Europe.

A clarification about the terminology: the term Ireland refers to the whole island; Eire (or South in English) is the Republic of Ireland, while Northern Ireland in English is often simply called 'North'. The Republic of Ireland is an independent country, Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.

Image by Barbora Dostálová

Classic Ireland

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