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The largest country in Africa is located a short distance from Europe.

The north, with its snow-capped mountains and beautiful coastline, is home to cities such as Algiers and Constantine, as well as magnificent Roman sites such as Timgad and Djemila, both immense perfectly preserved Roman cities to visit in blissful solitude or almost.

To the south we find Djanet, the pearl of Tassili n'Ajjer and Tadrart, the red desert.

It is a journey into one of the most beautiful and safest deserts in the world, where dunes and rocks with a thousand shapes and a thousand colors embrace each other in an infinite game, to the amazement of travelers.

Rock engravings and paintings that make this region of southeastern Algerian the largest and most important open-air museum in the world.

And then they the Blue Men, the Tuareg, to immerse us in their millenary culture, the last great lords and nomads of the Sahara.

The famous tea in the desert and the bread baked in the sand will be just some unmissable moments, as well as sleeping on a soft red sand mattress and a roof of stars in the sky.

Image by Christian Weiss


Sand mosaic

8 days tour

Daily departures on a private basis

Image by Halima Bouchouicha

Alla scoperta di Oran e Algeri

Tour di 9 giorni

Partenze giornaliere su base privata minimo 10 persone

Image by Azzedine Rouichi

Le dune rosa

Tour di 8 giorni

Partenze giornaliere su base privata minimo 2 persone


La strada della sabbia

Tour di 11 giorni

Partenze giornaliere su base privata minimo 2 persone

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