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I too was born in Italy, I grow up with two parents who teach me to travel backpacking since I was a child and when they work they leave me with a babysitter who makes me listen to Claudio Baglioni's "Long Live England" all day.

Destiny is inevitably sealed.

At 18 I decide to go and see what this England is like and I fall in love with it, so much so that I choose to invent a profession that takes me there as often as possible.

I study and train, to become a UK specialist, among the top 5 in Italy and in the meantime I open my agency in Turin.

I spend the next 8 years traveling the world to participate in international fairs, also finding the time to get married with a traditional ceremony in the heart of the Mauritanian Sahara.

Our paths cross for the first time in a London pub, the second at a workshop in Amsterdam, the third at a fair in Scotland ... and if it is true that 3 clues prove it, then in this case we can say that 3 meetings make a



born in Italy but always fascinated by British culture.

When I visit London for the first time, I mirror myself in its soul, I deepen, I identify myself, I find my sacred place and also love.

I explore other cities and other continents: I get married in the British Virgin Islands, I live 2 years in Rwanda and I decide to make my experience available by becoming a travel agent in my city, Vicenza.

After 10 years of experience I open my own travel agency.

The call for the British land is so strong that I decide to study and deepen my knowledge of the territory by traveling often in the United Kingdom, developing a strong synergy with Scottish history and culture.

Traveling travel agents

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We have not seen the whole world but almost.
We always know how to find the right solution, whether you are a backpacker or an All Inclusive traveler.
We build the trip based on your needs and requests.


Thanks to on-site contacts we are able to book anything you need.
We will take care of all bookings and the necessary documentation.
You will just have to remember to pack your suitcase.
And send us a photo to let us know how your experience was.


Medical and baggage insurance included automatically on all our departures.
And for any problem you will not have to go to a paid call center.
Our assistance is available 24 hours a day.

everything you need


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